Today a two-page strip that originally appeared in Dragon#262 back in 199 with (I believe) the first time we saw Sara step behind the screen.

As I write this there’s only sixty hours to go on the KODT Live Action kickstarted. We saw quite a surge in funding over the weekend (over $14,000). The project broke $50,000 last night with less than three days to go to reachthe $60,000 mark. Remember — if we don’t reach that mark it all goes away. So help spread the link!

I’m personally grateful to everyone who has believed in this dream enough to invest their hard earned dollars in it. It’s pretty humbling watching it happen.

Couple of things I want to point out. A LOT of the limited pledges have sold out and several others about to do so.

• I noticed last night that d20 Entertainment quietly reduced the Larry Elmore painting down to 3k!!! Think about that for a moment. An original Larry Elmore painting, a copy of the KODT art book, your name as an Associate Producer in the movie credits, and VIP status on the movie set! Did I mention you get to take home an original Larry Elmore painting? 😉

• 30% off all HackMaster product offered through the Kickstarter!!

• Retailers — you might want to check out this update page: Retailer Package — Retail stores who back this project will get a RAW DVD edition of the KODT Live Action Series this December 2014. This RAW edition will not be the final version of the movie and may be shorter than the actual finished version releasing in August. HOWEVER, it will be fun to watch and a great way to get gamers into your store.

Retail backers will also revive…

6 copies of the RAW edition that they can sell or give away. SRP: $20
3 softcover copies of the KODT: 20 Years of Covers SRP: $49
3 KODT T-Shirt. SRP: $20
6 Signed Movie Posters. SRP: $20
A 30 minute live Q&A with Jolly Blackburn via Skype or phone call
Exclusive right to purchase additional RAW DVD editions, KODT: 20 Years of Covers, KODT T-Shirts, and the KODT: LAS Movie Poster at 50% of SRP. Offer ends August 2015.
Store Name, address and phone number, listed in the KODT: 20 Years of Covers book, and in a special page in the KODT comic book until August 2015!!


There’s more changes and updates on the KODT LAS Page <<----- So be sure to check it out. Did I mention the 20 Years of KODT Cover’s Hardback book?

Game on!!!