Quick little single panel I did a while back. Errata – gotta love it.

I still remember cutting out all the Unearthed Arcana errata published in Dragon Magazine years ago and painstackingly clipping and pasting them into the book.

You young kids don’t know how good you have it. 😉

Been busy here working on Knights of the Dinner Table #218 along with a secret project I haven’t announced just yet. (yes KODT related). If it pans out we should be announcing it soon.

Did I mention that over the holidays I had an opportunity to watch Episode One of the KODT Live Action series. Was still a rough cut but the sound had been mastered and all the beginning/ending credits and been added in along with the music. One of the reactions here was, “Wow, we didn’t screw this up.”

Take that as an inidcation we highly approve of what D20 Entertainment showed us. 😉