Stumbled across this old “The Games Pit” strip and thought I’d post it today.

This spin-off of KODT was created for a Game Industry rag about 8 years ago. Unfortunately the magazine folded before a handful of strip were published. Enjoy!

Just a head’s up. Last few years I’ve been sharing work-in-progress pics of the various table top gaming items (terrain, ships, etc) I tinker with for my own enjoyment. I’ve been getting a lot of prodding to do some tutorials/walk throughs.

Well, I’ve finally relented. I’ve been using my ‘other’ blog to post pics and some how-to’s. If you have an interest in such things check it out HERE.

And while I’m at it, let me plug my wife’s Etsy shop — Amber’s Secret Cove.

Barb’s been taking some of the items I make and molding/casting them to earn a little fun money. The most popular sellers are the beds of all things. Go figure.