Welcome back. I’m busy here trying to get issue #218 of Knights of the Dinner Table in the bag but I’m trying to do better at throwing up content three times a week here so I decided to share this.

Six years ago I did the “It’s On Like Donkey Kong” cover for KODT (Issue 153). What readers didn’t know is I canablized the cover from one featuring Bob and Shiela (instead of Gary and Heidi). Originally there was going to be a story arc tie in with the KODT special issue, “Last Man Standing” (which featured an Urban Assassin with paintball guns run amok). Shiela and Bob had drawn each other’s names as target and…. Well, I might actually do that story at some point so no spoilers.

With Gary returning from the dead and going toe to toe with the “dragon lady”, I felt at the time the cover was better utilized feature those two characters.

But… I STILL like the old version so I thought I’d share it here.

Of course both covers were based on the classic Mr and Mrs. Smith movie poster.

Before I close, just another reminder I’ve been posting terrain tutorials on my blog at Cries from the Attic.