Welcome back!! Today’s strip is from KODT #140, which feature one of the characters’ yearly pilgrimages to Gary Con!!  I’ve always loved Pete (or Squirrely) behind the wheel of the bus. I believe this was the first issue where we actually see them doing it in-panel.

Very busy here getting KODT #218 wrapped up for press. The holidays took their toll but I’ve been digging deep.

On the KODT Live Action Series front, the last of the backer sketches went out yesterday (yaaay!!!). I’m told the proof copy of the Twenty Years of KODT Covers book will be in my hands today (tomorrow at the latest). knock wood.

Once approved, d20 Entertainment will get it on the press and getting the book into the hands of backers. This is more than just a book of cover art by the way. Barb spent three months summarizing EVERY strip in the first two-hundred issues of Knights of the Dinner Table. I do believe she lost sanity points.

Also, watched some video last night of the KODT LAS backer t-shirts being printed off. Hoody Hoo! They looked stunning. Those will be getting into backers hands soon as well, I’m told.

On the KenzerCo front the HackMaster New Edition 5E GMG is in its final stages of editing. Also several adventures are in the wings being readied release and a few going into playtesting (Hoping to run one myself at our Hack Meet at the end of the month).

Anyway, enjoy the day’s offering.

If you happen to follow my ‘other’ blog a few new entries on table top terrain building have been posted this week. Cries from the Attic.



Game on!