Welcome back. Another single-panel piece today. I’ve been in the trenches as of late working on the lastest issues of Knights of the Dinner Table. Being snowed in somehow helps with the creative flow in my eperience. I think it must have something to with limited opportunities for distraction. 😉

If you backed the KODT Live Action series — good news!! You can watch an early release of Episode One before anyone else in Gamerdom. It’s not a final cut, so your feedback input is valuable before its finall release this summer. Just check the kickstarter page for more information on viewing it.

And while I have your attention, I apologize to those of you who felt d20 Entertainment was using their KODT Kickstarter update channels to spam backers. Some of you pointed out almost a hundred updates have gone out and many of them have had very little to do with KODT or the project. I had a talk with Ken and asked him turn crank down the knob on his marketing machine on that front.

Although KenzerCo isn’t running the Kickstarter (nor do we have access to the buttons) we take concerns/complaints from our base very serious.

With that said, we’re very proud of the work d20 Ent has done. Feedback on Episode One has been overwhelmingly positive up to this point.

Game on, folks!