Monday, Monday….

Hope everyone has a great week!! Digging deep into writing the strips for the next issue of Knights of the Dinner Table here. Issue #218 should be out there any time now (if not all ready).

For those of you who backed the KODT Live Action series — d20 Entertainment has posted a new teaser. This one with my own humble cameo…. Nothing like getting chewed out by one of your own characters. 😉 You *may* have to be backer to see it but here’s the link.

Screenshot 2015-02-23 14.08.27

Finally, I want to apologize to readers/backers of the kickstarter if they feel they are being inundated with spam. KenzerCo nor myself are involved in sending out these mailing lists or update for other projects or product pimps. Not how we do things. We have talked with d20 Entertainment (once again) about taking it down several notches and removing our readers/backers from the lists.  I’ve been told that’s now happened. So we’re just chalking this up to a misunderstanding and moving on with the positive.

Speaking of the positive —   a reminder that we’ll be at GaryCon in a few weeks.   KenzerCo has a special event planned; Port of Chaos!!  Anyone following my blog in recent weeks might have a few clues as to what might be going down. 😉

Game on, folks!!

Jolly Blackburn