A few weeks ago a reader reminded me that this is the 25th Anniversary of the very first KODT Strip. Now I KNEW this already — last year, I took note of it. And then promptly forgot. With the KODT Live Action Series it totally slipped my mind.

So, I scrambled to find an appropriate cover to mark the occasion. The cover above is the result and will appearing on issue #220. I month after the actual anniversary but at least we will be giving the occasion a proper nod.

I am still weighing options for how to celebrate the occasion within the issue itself. I’m currently finishing up issue #219 and will then be turning my full attention to #220 next week.

So this is your chance to tell US what you’d like to see.

As always letters, tribute pieces, fan art — always welcome. This is as much a celebration of 25 years of reader support as it is the comic itself.

I can’t say I’ll still be doing KODT twenty-five years from now. I can’t even say if I’ll still be around. But here’s hoping gamers are still tossing dice and enjoy poking a bit of fun at themselves.

Game on, Folks!!!