Last night, Ken Whitman of D20 Entertainment released episode 1 of the Knights of the Dinner Table Live Action series on Youtube, as a gesture to ‘restore confidence’ in the project.

It’s not secret there’s been some tension between d20 Entertainment and backers the last few months over what’s perceived to be poor communication and questions about product fulfillment.

Ken admitted in our conversation he needs to ‘do better’ and had spread himself too thin over too many projects. He also indicated he’s taking steps to not repeat those mistakes in the future an wants to improve relations with the backers leading up to the KODTLAS premiere at GenCon.

Obviously, I’m happy with this development. Ken is a talented guy and I wouldn’t have allowed him to take on KODT if I didn’t think he was capable of doing a good job. The Actors, Crew and most importantly the backers who supported the project deserve to see all three episodes as they were meant to be seen (as well as fulfillment of the various products/awards associated with the project).

This is the first time btw non-backers have had an opportunity to see Episode 1.