Hey folks, just wanted to get the word out that the Knights of the Dinner Table 20 Years of Covers Art book is now available as a pdf from our webstore.

My wife put in a ton of work on this 366 page beast last summer along with Christopher Coyle (who did the lay out). Not only is it an art book presenting the first 200 covers of the monthly comic in full size and full color but it’s also includes detailed synopsis’s of every single strip and story arc. Making it a very useful resource. The print versions were offered as part of the KODTLAS kickstarter – so if you missed that opportunity here’s a chance get it in pdf format.

Speaking of the KODTLAS kickstarter, sadly the KS project manager never delivered on all those books. If you paid for the hardback, soft back or leathered print editions through the kickstarter and never received your product – drop us a note. We will proved you the pdf for free. (we will continue to push for Ken Whitman/d20 Entertainment to fulfill his obligations by the way and keep you updated).

Knights of the Dinner Table