Geez there are a lot of cobwebs here — down spider, DOWN!!!

Sorry folks. I should be better than the and doing a better job updating this site consistently. When I get busy, I drop balls. And unfortunately the ball here is one that tends to get kicked under that table. But I’m not giving up. I’m buckling down and determined to do better here. Keep me honest. 😉

Checking in today to let you know that we have some exciting KODT products in the pipe.

First up the Cattlepunk Chronicles trade paperbacks.

Volume 1 features the Knights playing western rpgs.

Volume 2 will feature the Blackhands playing the same genre.

Now these trade paperbacks will follow the same template as the Bag Wars Sage trade paper back I did several years ago. Taking a lot of existing material scattered across 200 issues and pulling the disjointed strips together into one cohesive story arc. Think of them as the director’s cut. Complete re-storyboarding rounded out with all new material and gently massaged/reimagined takes on the previously published material.

Right now it’s looking like Volume 1 will be coming out just in time for the summer conventions and will weigh in at at least 80 pages, possible 96.

It’ll all be here – the first session of Cattlepunk B.A. ever runs for the group (pre-Sara with Johnny Kazinski at the table). Then moving on the classic strips after Sara shows up. Red  Gurdy Pickens, Shot Gun Billy, the Brothers Knickerson.  One helluva round up — should be fun.

After giving it some thought one thing I’m going to do to make sure I keep the updates coming is to spend more time talking about KODT HERE rather than on my Facebook wall. Anyone who follows me knows I like to post work-in-progress updates during the day and through out the week. Rather than do that, I will try to come here in stead and give you updates as well as sneak peeks, behind the curtain insight on the comic as well as any relevant news.

So stay tuned!!