Just wanted to share a sneak peek at an “editor’s cut” of the classic BlackHands strip and fan favorite “The After Action Review”. The original strip appeared in Knights of the Dinner Table #18 twenty years ago this very month.

Although it wasn’t the first appearance of the BlackHands in the monthly comic, I consider it the strip that helped define the characters as their relationship to each other other going forward for the next two decades. (with the possible exception of Gordo who slays innocent animals to garner E-pees. Something that seems out of character today).

Anyway, back in day my drawing skills were more lacking than today (and admittedly they are still lacking – but readers seem to be able to overlook that) and my storyboarding was to pretty much to throw things on a page and get on with it.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to revisit some of these strips today and represent them. Especially to a new  generation of readers who often have a hard time getting over the original presentation/format. 😉

Anyway, enjoy. The full massaged-strip appears next month in  KODT#255.

And don’t worry there’s plenty of new action with Sara running the nights through her space faring, Hack Wurld campaign. Enjoy!!